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Welcome to WeiLiang Precision

We are committed to provide superior quality product, cost saving, and best services for all customers. WeiLiang Precision is a specialized manufacturer of parts and components made from performance metals, ceramic, lead glass and sapphire, we produce and supply for these alternative parts and components as your specifications, drawings, material grades with tight tolerance required from critical engineered components and assemblies.
With our experienced staff and unique processing knowledge, components and parts we are machining from: These components and parts made by WeiLiang Precision are widely used in vacuum, high temperature, radiation shielding, instrument senor, semiconductor, electronics, medical devices, thin film deposition, precision mechanical assemblies, etc. as well as aerospace and defense industries.
WeiLiang Precision is the best alternative for your High Precision Machining Services.
Please feel free to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.